Our history

  • 1994 - Olibaza was founded
  • 2003 - Quality certificate
  • 2011 - Liters sold
  • 2012 - Ranking of Companies
  • 2014 - Release new formats
  • 2015 - Rural Quality Certificate
  • Coming soon...


About us

  • OLIBAZA is a family company with extensive experience making olive oil. Our extensive knowledge about olive tree, cultivation, care and elaboration of extra virgen olive oil, made that Olibaza was founded in 1994 (by Andrés Carrillo Valdivieso and Juán Muñoz Carrillo).
  • We produce, pack and distribute our extra virgin olive oil, made with olives grown by agriculturist in the area.
  • Our customers trust in the high quality of our extra virgin olive oil, they found in our diary delivery service to Spain and Europe a secure system to recieve the best gastronomic reference of mediterranean diet, our extra virgin olive oil.

¿Why choose us?

  • + twenty years of experience

    OLIBAZA is a family company with extensive experience making olive oil. Olibaza was founded in 1994.
    We produce, pack and distribute our extra virgin olive oil and organic extra virgin olive oil.

  • 100% dedication

    We can use the olive to extract high quality extra virgin olive oil and with a excepcional qualities, this is why olive oil is famous over the world.
    Our work is produce and maintenance that quality during all production process.

  • Quality of our products

    "Quality is making happy our customers. The customer expects quality when buying a product, the real quality is offer the best olive oil all times and we do it."

    Our extra virgin olive oil is produced and packed in our facilities, it's why we can guarantee his origin and quality.

  • Over 10.000 happy customers

    One of the prerequisites that has our company is to achieve customer satisfaction, that is why, from day one we offer our customers high product quality, reliability for customers and responsiveness (quality of service), and thus, get to meet the expectations of our customers again and again.

  • We know what we do

    Daily work with our clients and friends is an essential part of OLIBAZA, where we consider our work as a mode of social and economic revitalization of the area through the enhancement day of painstaking care of olive trees. Our excellent quality is achieved each day with work, professionalism and commitment.

  • Quality Policy

    In OLIBAZA SL, we strive to satisfy our customers with excellent products, timely deliveries, and technical support based on a Quality System that seeks to improve each process to maintain, improve and innovate our daily work involved in it to suppliers, distribution chain and end customers.

  • Quality of transport

    We offer the customer a friendly and personal service. We carry out both domestic and international shipments.

    We ensure the quality of packaging to ensure shipping success.

    We work with our daily shipping transportation services mainly Correos Spain, MRW, SEUR, Norbert Dentressangle, UPS... Normally our shipments take between 24 and 96 hours.

  • Efficiency

    In OLIBAZA product quality and service are 100% guaranteed.
  • Environmental commitment

    Respect for the environment is a high OLIBAZA, whose production can be considered closed loop. OLIBAZA is a mill that produces no waste, and with almost zero environmental footprint.

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Our commitment

Quality 100%

Customer satisfaction 100%

Quality of transport 100%

Efficiency 100%

Environmental commitment 100%